Based on 22 years of experience the company drives and offers a unique specialized solution regarding the issuing and management of staff refreshment supply.


Based on years of research our solution is much more than the specifics involved, as it directly impacts on productivity, efficiencies and general ergonomics.


The very essence of our product and service delivery, circumvents the challenges of issuing staff refreshments in the conventional way, adding value in the bigger realm of experiences within your organization, driving both beliefs in management and your organization.

Our products are packed and delivered according to the highest standards, as dictated by food and general Health & Safety standards, cementing a track record of excellence.

We provide Staff-Refreshment-Packs, according to our clients’ unique specifications, empowering both management controls and staff morale.

Now build your Staff Refreshment Pack and add any items you would like to provide to your staff each month.


See example below: 

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